February 26 2021  |  Airline & Terminal News

gategroup, Retail inMotion expand SWISS Saveurs menu

By Rick Lundstrom

Last updated: March 30, 2021

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is launching Confiserie Sprüngli’s fresh and sustainably packaged products for purchase to passengers in Economy Class on most European short- and medium-haul flights from/to Zurich and Geneva.

gategroup and Retail inMotion worked with SWISS to develop and select products that are synonymous with the Confiserie Sprüngli brand. This is the latest in a series of collaborations between gategroup, airlines, and well-known high-street brands.

“Collaborations between popular local brands and airlines have become increasingly trendy in the past few years,” said Federico Germani, Chief Commercial and Operating Officer at gategroup. “They bring brand recognition and satisfaction to passengers who might otherwise be feeling isolated from their familiar comforts.”

The Zurich-based chocolatier is best known for Luxemburgerli, its signature macaroons and chocolate creations but has also developed a selection of fresh salads, sandwiches and snacks. All these products, along with a selection of snacks from Switzerland’s well-known brands will become available on board flights starting March 30 from/to Zurich and April 28 from/to Geneva.

The culinary offer, managed by Retail inMotion in cooperation with Sprüngli, includes Hörnli pasta salad, iconic sandwiches, traditional Swiss cold cuts platter, as well as Bircher Muesli and Luxemburgerli, mini-macaroons filled with a light cream made of fresh, natural ingredients.

SWISS Saveurs is a program that gives Economy Class passengers the opportunity to purchase premium fresh products.

“The new culinary offer, managed by Retail inMotion in cooperation with Confiserie Sprüngli for SWISS, puts an emphasis on quality, freshness, sustainability, and Swiss identity,” said Manuel Hübschmann, Retail Director at Retail inMotion in today’s announcement. “Working on this project with Sprüngli has been an enriching experience, which is reflected in the carefully chosen products as part of the SWISS Saveurs program, as they follow the same recipes used in Sprüngli cafes, therefore bringing the authentic Sprüngli experience to the skies.”

Tamur Goudarzi Pour, Chief Commercial Officer at SWISS added: “At SWISS, we are delighted to present to our guests a delicious selection from Confiserie Sprüngli, a locally based partner with a long tradition and an international reputation. This enables us to offer a high-quality and varied selection of fresh snacks to our Economy Class guests. Hence, we would like to thank both Confiserie Sprüngli and Retail inMotion for the smooth cooperation during the implementation of SWISS Saveurs.

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