October 16 2020  |  Airline & Terminal News

Finnair to supply supermarkets

By Sabrina Pirillo

Finnair has revealed that it will begin selling ready-to-eat Business Class cabin food in grocery stores in hopes of keeping staff employed during the global coronavirus crisis.

"We want to offer the opportunity for a Finnair experience and everyday luxury at home, now that travel has been restricted in many ways," said Marika Nieminen, Vice President, Finnair Kitchen.

Earlier this week, Finnair released a statement about its move to bring high-quality food to customers in the pilot scheme, 'Taste of Finnair'. The concept for the dishes is made from a combination of Nordic-Japanese fusion and include reindeer meatballs, Arctic char and teriyaki beef.

For the initial launch, meals will be available at, K-Citymarket Tammisto in Vantaa, just outside of Helsinki - with hopes of expanding distribution to other countries.

"We are excited when we can make familiar flavors easily available to people in the grocery store," said Juha Stenholm, Head of Product Development at Finnair Kitchen.

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