June 4 2020  |  Airline & Terminal News

Turkish Airlines to fly with new safety regime

By Rick Lundstrom

Mask, disinfectant and antiseptic tissue in Turkish Airlines' Hygiene Kits

Starting its domestic flights after a two-month hiatus and just days away from resuming international flights, Turkish Airlines has implemented two inflight service changes to protect the health of its passengers.

The airline will be distributing Hygiene Kits containing a mask, disinfectant and antiseptic tissue to its guests in accordance with its ‘guidelines for safe travel.’ In addition, Hygiene Expert cabin crews will be responsible for the distribution of Hygiene Kits and to make sure all necessary precautions are implemented correctly.

Precautions in the sky will be under the purview of Hygiene Expert cabin crews. Working as a health inspector, Hygiene Experts will focus on the enforcement of all on-board hygiene and social distancing measures.

Hygiene Experts will monitor the mask usage of passengers, while making sure that passengers do not remove their masks all at once during food and beverage service. They will also monitor passenger movement to prevent lines forming during lavatory usage. Hygiene Experts will also disinfect the lavatories and work with cabin crew and passengers on social distancing.

Turkish Airlines aircraft are disinfected before every flight with thorough cleaning methods. Hygiene in the cabin is ensured as all contact points in our aircraft are cleaned using chemicals safe for human health, and with methods that are proven scientifically to be effective. Special equipment and chemicals are used for different surfaces such as seats, windows, screens and lavatories.

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