August 21 2019  |  Airline & Terminal News

​SSP opens bakery and brew house at SIN

By Rick Lundstrom

Archipelago Craft Brew House is located in Terminal 2 at Changi Airport

SSP Group has brought an Asian high street favorite, Tai Cheong Bakery, and Archipelago Craft Brew House, a bespoke concept developed with one of Singapore’s breweries, to Changi Airport.

The new Tai Cheong Bakery unit launched landside at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3. Established in 1954, Tai Cheong Bakery is one of Hong Kong’s most popular traditional bakeries with more than 20 outlets across Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. The brand is well-known locally for its selection of Asian-style baked goods and pastries, including its Chinese donuts and egg tarts, and the new unit has been tailored to meet the needs of the busy airport environment, with a takeaway counter. This is now the second Tai Cheong Bakery operated by SSP across two countries.

Tai Cheong Bakery is in Terminal 3

Archipelago Craft Brew House is a new concept developed in partnership between SSP and the Archipelago Brewery by Asia Pacific Brewery, which has been creating handcrafted, speciality beers in Singapore since 2006. The Terminal 2 airside bar serves Archipelago Brewery’s range of award-winning craft beers, including Singapore Blonde Ale and Bohemian Lager. The range of beers will change every six to eight months, and are stored in an on-site see-through cold room to ensure customers receive the freshest possible pint.

“Both brands have a strong heritage and are highly regarded by local customers, and their use of original recipes and flavors will create a true sense of place among international travellers looking for truly authentic experiences,” said Mark Angela, CEO of SSP Asia Pacific, in today’s release.

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