August 6 2019  |  Airline & Terminal News

Turkish Airlines redesigns its cabin crew uniforms

By Lisa Bucher

Turkish Airlines unveils its new cabin crew uniform

In celebration of its 85th anniversary, Turkish Airlines redesigned its cabin crew uniforms. This change brought the cabin, cockpit, ground handling personnel and flying chef uniforms together under a single design to provide passengers with a more unified brand experience.

Italian haute couturier, Ettore Bilotta, designed the cabin uniforms, which were specially sewn by Vakko. The main fabrics were produced by Altınyıldız, based on the compliance of Turkish Airlines with flight standards. Garments were tested on long-range flights in different climates and were tailored to each cabin employee to ensure comfort while serving passengers.

In a release statement, M. İlker Aycı, Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines said; “I believe that our brand's presence in the skies will be much more impressive when the new cabin uniforms, which bear elements of our culture, are combined with the elegance of our cabin crews.”

The new cabin uniforms (in flag-red and anthracite gray colors) were inspired by the many classical details in Turkish culture, from the currents of the Bosphorus to the artisanal glassware, ceramics and calligraphy patterns produced by local artisans.

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