July 26 2019  |  Airline & Terminal News

JAL shares new functional uniform concept

By Rachel Debling

Japan Airlines (JAL) has revealed its new uniforms for cabin crew, ground staff, pilots and other uniformed representatives, slated to launch in April 2020. The collection was designed by Yasutoshi Ezumi, a renowned name in Japanese fashion.

The process began in early 2019 when the airline tapped customers and fans for comment and opinions on the uniforms its representatives donned at the time. The company used this feedback to work with Ezumi to improve on the functionality of each type of uniform, and a committee of JAL uniformed staff were tasked with the selection process, during which time they not only considered the basic concept but also the cost, according to a press release from the airline.

The airline is also shifting its attention to sustainability by using recycled materials in the making of these garments.

Cabin Crew

Two concepts – Refined Hybrid Beauty and Hybrid Modern Beauty were created by Creative Director Ezumi. Different materials were combined in the design, and the airline's corporate logo and signature red color were also incorporated into the new styles.

The airline notes that the silhouette of the one-piece uniform represents the curve of a crane's neck, part of the JAL logo, which was paired with a balloon-shaped sleeve, a rarity in the airline industry.

Scarfs and aprons of different styles will be featured on each JAL Group airline, with a new trouser option now available to cabin crew.

Ground Staff

This series of uniforms was designed with movement in mind, with the corporate logo and color used in the same manner as in the cabin crew versions.

A longer scarf featuring flowers drawn Ezumi in more than 20 colors is included as an option.

JAL lounge staff will don a pink-beige colored jacket that represents the sense of formality found in the lounge. The reception staff's uniform includes a highly visual cream-beige colored jacket.

Flight Crew

Movement was also a focus in this unisex uniform design; the previous version was updated slightly to enhance functionality, the airline says.

A jacket has been introduced specifically for female pilots, a first for the airline, featuring a single-button style and a scarf in place of the necktie. The scarf displays a motif of an origami crane designed by Ezumi.

Engineering Staff

Descente Japan Ltd. designed the coveralls for this segment of the JAL uniforms. Emblazoned with the airline's logo, the uniform was designed with sportswear in mind and proves to be just as functional as it is stylish.

The outer coat, designed by mont-bell, protects the wearer from severe weather conditions such as heavy rain and winter conditions.

Ground Handling Staff

Similar to the engineering staff uniform and also designed by Descente Japan Ltd., the airline opted for several different versions of the ground handling staff attire to correspond with a variety of work demands. Polo shirt uniforms were also introduced to help stave off the heat during the summer.

The outer coat was designed by mont-bell.

Kariyushi (traditional wear in Okinawa)

This segment of the new uniform series is meant to be worn during the summer in Okinawa. Designed by Ezumi, the motif includes five Okinawan flowers in a design that represents the Omotenashi (hospitality) of Okinawa.

The Kariyushi style will also be introduced as an option for pilots for the first time. All Kariyushis are made in Okinawa.

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