May 28 2019  |  Airline & Terminal News

SSP opens 10 outlets at TRD

By Rick Lundstrom

One of the offerings at the new Haven outlet at Trondheim

SSP Group has opened 10 food and beverage units at Trondheim Airport under a five-year contract. The new outlets include a mix of well-known global brands and local concepts that cater to both international and domestic passengers.

SSP has introduced its Haven concept to Trondheim Airport, which will appeal to passengers looking for healthier food options. Haven provides a range of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free meals, while customers can also indulge in the brand’s famous ‘smoothie bowls’, a richer version of a classic smoothie with added fruit and almond milk.

SSP has also opened two restaurants at the airport. Foodbar serves a range of dishes available to eat in or on the go, while locally renowned chain Max Premium Burgers offers award-winning burgers to passengers. The complete line-up of leading brands also includes Ritazza, Upper Crust, O’Learys, Starbucks and three Point convenience stores.

To appeal to regional tastes, a number of the new units have incorporated sustainable, locally sourced ingredients into their ranges. One example: coffee served at Ritazza uses milk produced at a creamery in the nearby town of Røros.

Bente Brevik, managing director of SSP Norway, said: “This new deal further strengthens our excellent working relationship with Trondheim Airport and Avinor, and will provide passengers with an even greater range of leading food and beverage brands. From international names with mass appeal to more specialist concepts, the new line-up will suit all traveller tastes and preferences.”

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