June 6 2018  |  Airline & Terminal News

Retail inMotion continues Spirit Airlines contract

By Rick Lundstrom

Retail inMotion will continue its contract with Spirit Airlines for another three years, the company announced today.

The contract between Retail inMotion and Spirit Airlines will continue within its existing framework, signed in 2014, and will include category and supply chain management, catering delivery and the continued use of Retail inMotion’s proprietary technology solutions. Spirit will also introduce an upgraded payment solution from Retail inMotion. With the new solution in place, Spirit’s crew will process orders and take payments on board using an iPad Mini 4 fitted within a custom-designed and unique sled.

“Spirit is committed to offering a unique, customizable and memorable experience for our Guests,” commented Lania Rittenhouse, Vice President Inflight Experience at Spirit Airlines. “Over the past four years, our partnership with Retail inMotion has allowed us to confidently say that our onboard food and beverage menu fully supports this goal.”

“The mission for our partnership with Spirit has been consistent from the start,” explained Mir Khan, Head of Onboard Retail North America at Retail inMotion. “We want to support Spirit by providing them with a reliable and well-performing onboard retail program that reinforces their brand values and creates a remarkable food and beverage experience for their Guests. We’re very pleased to be extending this mission for another three years.”

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