April 2 2024  |  Tableware & Serveware

Kaelis unveils modular serveware for Etihad

By Jane Hobson

The modular collection of serveware products from Kaelis, for Etihad Airways 

Etihad Airways, in partnership with Kaelis, has introduced a suite of serveware products designed to integrate into the existing services. These additions to the airline’s galley carts will make it easier for cabin crew to serve passengers efficiently.

The Multipurpose Tray fits securely on the cart with adjusted dimensions. The tray features a mix of matte and shiny finishes.

The Saddle Rack can hang off the side of the cart or drawer ensuring secured placement of tetra packs. It’s flexible enough to hold any other items required for service within reach of the cabin crew.

A Bar Top addition provides a dedicated space on the cart top for cabin crew to prepare beverages. It’s wider and longer than the cart to accommodate condiments and two tumblers or cups at a time.

The Ice Bucket product aligns with tetra pack height and is part of the modular design of the suite of equipment. Featuring a transparent design for easy monitoring of how much ice remains, it fits securely in both the saddle rack and bar top.

These latest additions embody “Etihad’s commitment to functionality and efficiency,” Kaelis said in its April 2nd press release.

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