September 14 2023  |  Tableware & Serveware

GIP aims for plastic-free

By Stephanie Philp

This is a special feature from PAX International’s September 2023 IFSA EXPO issue on page 18.

GIP’s sustainable product line includes plant fibre products that are made from materials such as cassava, corn starch, rice starch, bamboo, wheat starch, sugarcane and palm leaf

After a year working with its partners in the design process, Global Inflight Products (GIP)’s Earth Collection launched this Spring. The new amenity bags — made from coffee beans, bamboo, cactus, corn, hay and rPET — are now on offer in addition to a recycled water bottle, blanket, plates as well as cutlery and dine sets made from plant fibre.

Eliminating single-use plastic is a major goal for GIP, a company that develops onboard products for the inflight experience and has been in the business for more than 20 years. From designing a product through to its development, GIP brings products to life through the manufacturing process and right into quality management. At a time when environmentally-conscience manufacturing is increasingly vital to the longevity of our planet, PAX International spoke to Zine Badissy, GIP’s President and Chairman, to hear about recent sustainable products that the company is highlighting this year on the floor.

GIP’s sustainable product line includes plant fibre products that are made from materials such as cassava, corn starch, rice starch, bamboo, wheat starch, sugarcane and palm leaf. “Currently,” Badissy says, “the company offers more than
1,000 dishes ready to produce.”

One of those dishes is the 100 percent plastic-free plant fibre pulp compostable cups. The product is stackable, leak-proof and can be custom designed for hot or cold beverages, including hard liquor. This versatile plastic-alternative product is not only better for the environment, Badissy explains, but passengers actually prefer them.

“Passengers are becoming weary of food and drinks served in plastics,” Badissy tells PAX International, adding that “Food served at high temperatures on plastics may have long-term negative effects on [passenger] health.”

To speak to this plastic-free preference, the company recently announced that it is now using plant fibre for casseroles and trayless products in addition to cups. These new products are biodegradable and can be composted after use.

GIP is also using sugarcane pulp compostable casserole dishes made from plant fibre. The dishes are oven safe to heat up to 302F for 20 minutes. The casseroles are also water and oil- proof. Moulded from bagasse, straw residue and other non-wood plant fibre pulp, these casseroles come in different shades to enhance onboard services.

Ultimately, GIP’s sustainability goal is to eliminate all plastic products from airline services. In working toward this goal, Badissy says that GIP’s focus is currently on innovation and production of alternatives to single-use plastics. “Our efforts are geared towards assisting airlines in adopting plant-based alterna- tives,” he says, explaining that such products will help curb CO2 emissions, minimize landfill waste and help airlines achieve sustainability objectives. If done in the right way, Badissy says, the cost of products does not need to increase.

“We are passionate about taking steps to succeed in eliminating plastic from onboard services,” he says. This means that GIP is working to replace all of its plastic and aluminum products with eco-friendly alternatives. “We believe these small steps can result in happier and healthier passengers and a happier and healthier environment.”

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