August 8 2023  |  Tableware & Serveware

deSter launches eco-friendly wet moulded fibre production

By Reedah Hayder

deSter currently has several wet moulded fibre products in production in Thailand for both Travel and Foodservice markets

In a move aimed at fostering sustainability and environmental responsibility, deSter’s Prachinburi plant has commenced the production of wet moulded fibre products. Using a blend of agricultural waste and water, this eco-friendly alternative offers a wide array of applications, from protective packaging to food trays and tableware.

Wet moulded fibre’s manufacturing process involves transforming agricultural waste into a pulp, which is then moulded, pressed, and dried to form sturdy and customizable products. It presents numerous benefits, being recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable, thereby reducing reliance on non-biodegradable materials and promoting a circular economy.

The introduction of wet moulded fibre packaging at the Prachinburi plant signifies a significant investment in sustainable practices. Among the products currently manufactured are spill-proof, microwave-safe RIDGE bowls, Ikon’s sustainable meat tray, and wet moulded fibre salad bowls and casseroles for Delta Airlines.

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