April 11 2022  |  Tableware & Serveware

deSter partners with designers for Finnair tableware

By Rick Lundstrom

The Kuulas line brought together several companies to create new tableware for Finnair Business Class and Premium Economy

Food packaging and serviceware provider deSter announced a partnership with Finnair, Iittala, Harri Koskinen and Schönwald on the new Finnair Business Class and Premium Economy tableware launching in May.

“This project is unique as deSter supported Finnair and Iittala to bring an absolute dream to the market – tableware that captures the ‘coming home’ feeling, designed locally in Finland, whilst ensuring functionality when it comes to flying on board of an airplane,” said a release from deSter.

Iittala and Harri Koskinen translated Finnair’s vision into the design. Schönwald, a German heritage tableware manufacturer, was chosen because of its high quality, sustainable practices with production in Europe and a long-standing relationship with deSter. Overall, material strength and durability, product quality and stackability as well as sustainability were a major focus in the whole project said deSter, helping maintain both Finnair and Iittalas’ high standards and deliver the concept for Finnair’s elevated long-haul experience.

“In the long-haul Business Class and the new Premium Economy Class, dining is an important part of the whole, and we wanted to complement the experience with fresh Nordic design,” said Kristos Mavrostomos, who is responsible for developing the tableware in Finnair’s Inflight CX team.

“We began this journey with Finnair and Iittala back in 2018 with the launch originally planned for March 2020. Four years and one pandemic later we’re delighted to see the result of all our hard work come to fruition. Working with multiple stakeholders, in this case the airline, partner brand, external designer and our manufacturer, always brings added complexity and flavor to any project. But this partnership worked extremely well and together we’ve delivered a concept that has been received with acclaim, exceeding many expectations,” said David Newall, Business Development Director Europe at deSter.

The Kuulas range will be used in Finnair’s new Business Class and Premium Economy class starting on the May 11. In the line are plates, bowls, coffee cups, tumblers, wine glasses and cutlery.

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