October 5 2021  |  Aviation Trends

Sanitizing wipes, sustainability and comfort products remain in demand, says RMT Global Partners

By Jane Hobson

This is a special feature from PAX International's October 2021 digital edition, on page 8.

RMT has introduced a range of bagasse meal items in response to the demand for eco-friendly products

It seems developments are moving faster than ever during the pandemic, but RMT Global Partners tells PAX International orders for many key products remain consistent among its customers.

“We have a strong demand for sanitizing wipes and bulk canisters of galley and cockpit wipes,” says RMT President and CEO Richard Tuttle, adding that the company is investing in US-based production facilities for sanitizing wipes. “The goal is to help its customers counter the increases in freight cost and lead times for products.”

Meanwhile, demand for passenger personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks and gloves, has dropped because more and more passengers prefer to bring their own, he says.

Sustainable and eco-friendly options are still trending; and among RMT’s most popular are paper and pulp-based products. To respond to this demand, the supplier has introduced a range of bagasse meal items, including cutlery and ovenable dishes.

The lightweight bagasse cutlery is strong, 100 percent biodegradable and an alternative to traditional or wooden cutlery. The ovenable bagasse dishes can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes when used in conjunction with RMT’s aluminum foils and lids. The 100 percent compostable dishes are available in varying sizes and can be customized with customer logo.

When it comes to comfort products, Tuttle says there are signs of industry recovery and passenger confidence.

“We have received a number of enquiries for new blankets and bedlinen, which is a good indication that airlines are looking ahead to a better future with more international travel as these items are more frequently used on long-haul flights.”

RMT offers a range of textiles, including rPET blankets and polyester woven blankets that are designed to withstand frequent sanitizing laundry cycles.

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