June 29 2021  |  Tableware & Serveware

HOBART and ELRO join forces in airline catering

By Jane Hobson

HOBART has announced a collaboration with Swiss company ELRO Werke AG to offer an extended cooking equipment portfolio in form of multifunctional bratt pans, kettles and cooking islands for a well-rounded package.

HOBART is recognized for its warewashing, cooking, food preparation and waste technology equipment. Both brands are part of the ITW Food Equipment Group allowing the collaboration to offer global support and a wide product portfolio. The partnership will offer a single face to the customer for sales activities, while continuing to support project management, after sales and service within their own structures. ELRO develops, produces and sells appliances and provides services for the professional cooking industry since 1934. The company employs more than 100 people and has subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Johannes Zengerle, Head of HOBART Airline Catering

Stephan Kammel, Senior Manager International Sales, ELRO Werke AG

Johannes Zengerle, Head of Sales HOBART Airline Catering, takes on the commercial lead for both manufacturer HOBART and ELRO. In the ELRO organization he will collaborate with Stephan Kammel, Senior Manager International Sales ELRO Werke AG.

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