June 15 2021  |  Tableware & Serveware

EVA Air refreshes Premium Economy tableware with Guzzini

By Jane Hobson

Made possible by Clip, EVA Air's new Premium Economy Class tableware made by Guzzini highlights cultural inspirations of Taiwan, such as tea leaf patterns and salt and pepper set that references an iconic building

EVA Air is introducing unique bespoke designed tableware in its Premium Economy Class made in Italy by renowned tableware brand Guzzini. The design combines the brand's signature elegant transparent material and cultural inspirations of Taiwan, such as the discreet tone-on-tone tea leaf pattern and asymmetrical lines that reference contemporary architectural landmarks of the island. The salt and pepper set reference an iconic Taiwanese building.

Made possible with Clip, the tableware is elegant, durable and functional, made from high quality materials with sophisticated sculptural design, helping to reduce the use of single-use plastics. Every design choice centered on the comfort of passengers and enhancement the meal experience on board.

The tray, long plate, two-color bowl and cup are made from injection plastic. The glass bowl complements the two-color plastic bowl; the main casserole is made from lightweight china; and, the paper liner and napkin are made from eco-friendly paper.

"Beautiful and useful objects, our experience of Italian styling, design and durability is more than 100 years old. It is tradition, cultural position and technological evolution: we work to facilitate, furnish, color and accompany the lives and spaces of the home and travel, all over the world," said Domenico Guzzini, President of Guzzini. "We are delighted that EVA Air and our partner Clip, entrusted us to make this unique collaboration come to life."

"EVA Air is setting a highest standard of what many passengers have come to expect from flying with them. We see more and more of these collaborations happening in the future. Passengers are becoming more demanding in term of quality for the overall travel experience and equipment plays a key role," said Cindy Lam, Director CLIP. "By partnering with a brand like Guzzini, Clip aims to be the first inflight experts to bring a cohesive, relevant and international lifestyles tableware brand to the market for the Premium Economy Class cabin and help EVA Air further cement and differentiate themselves in creating an enhanced passenger experience. We are proud to support EVA Air bring this collaboration live with Guzzini and to help continue its pursuit of excellence in their onboard passenger experience."

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