May 18 2021  |  Tableware & Serveware

Clip unveils CLICK tray

By Jane Hobson

Clip has revealed a patented concept to help revolutionize food delivery onboard. The CLICK tray works as a compact box in the trolley, maximizing efficient use of space and helping the crew with easy handling and delivery, convenient for galleys in wide- and narrow-body aircraft.

The CLICK tray occupies a third of the volume of a full-size ATLAS tray and safely protects the food it contains without using polluting disposable lids.

When pulled out of the trolley by the crew, the CLICK tray folds open two thirds the size of the ATLAS tray in one simple gesture. The design prevents spillage or collapse of the tray as it clicks securely into position. The crew can then place the casserole and bread on the tray. The tray is suitable for any meal configuration.

The tray is 100 percent reusable and eliminates the need for disposables; it provides a convenient uncluttered experience with its non-slip detail for a safe grip on the tray table. When collecting the trays, the crew folds the tray back in one simple gesture into a compact easy-to-store box.

The box is washable and can be reused up to 100 times. Being at the forefront of sustainable material development, Clip is able to propose the patented design made from Re-Pet or 100 percent plant-based renewable material that is also 100 percent compostable at the end of life of the object.

"After almost one and half years of COVID global shut down, our team has been busy creating new innovations," reads the Clip press release. "Introducing our latest catering piece, the new Click tray is the answer to help airlines meet new challenges as pressure increases on sustainability and hygiene."

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