March 25 2021  |  Tableware & Serveware

Plane Talking Products launches plastic-free cutlery packs

By Jane Hobson

The 100 percent plastic-free cutlery packs are part of Plant Talking Products' ongoing sustainable product program

Plane Talking Products has announced the launch of its new 100 percent plastic-free cutlery pack offering as part of its ongoing sustainable product program. The cutlery is made from sustainably sourced Birchwood. It is lightweight, strong and suitable for hot and cold foods. The pack also includes an unbleached FSC-certified napkin, paper condiments sachet and recycled or FSC-certified Kraft paper packaging.

The company is working with manufacturers on a number of plastic-free, fully biodegradable and recyclable economy meal service items that are due to rollout early this year. The cost-effective products meet sustainability requirements, look great and provide an ideal print-surface for the airline to brand and reinforce their eco-responsibility credentials.

“With the impact that the pandemic has had on the number of plastics disposed of in the last year, the pressure is on the airline and general transportation industries to speed up on taking single-use plastics and other disposable non-biodegradable products out of service,” says Martin Piper, Sales & Marketing Director at Plane Talking Products Limited. “Also, the EU ban of single-use plastics coming this summer will force carriers down this road even faster.”

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