July 12 2021

dnata picks Managing Director for…

Musdalifa Abdullah will oversee dnata’s ground handling, cargo and catering operations at Changi Airport

By Rick Lundstrom

May 4 2021

Robin Padgett named Chairman of…

He succeeds Erdmann Rauer to held the spot for three years

By Rick Lundstrom

April 27 2021

Key senior management changes announced…

Key senior management changes announced by dnata

By Rick Lundstrom

July 24 2019

dnata adds CEOs for three regions

Regional CEOs assume responsibility for dnata’s ground handling and cargo operations in multiple countries

By Rick Lundstrom

March 13 2019

dnata names new Chief Exec for…

Dirk Goovaerts will oversee dnata’s catering, ground and cargo handling operations at 10 airports…

By Rick Lundstrom

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