October 28 2023  |  People

Teledyne announces new Executive Chairman, CEO, President and COO

By PAX Tech Magazine Staff

Left to right: Teledyne Technologies Incorporated's Robert Mehrabian, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer; Edwin Roks, Executive Vice President; and George C. Bobb III, Executive Vice President

Teledyne Technologies' Board of Directors announced several promotions and role changes in an October 24 press release.

To begin, Robert Mehrabian will become Executive Chairman, effective January 1, 2024. In the role of Executive Chairman, Mehrabian will remain actively involved with the company, focusing on strategy, technology, mergers, acquisitions and margin expansion programs, the board said. His employment contract has been extended by three years to December 2026.

The company also announced that Edwin Roks will become the new Chief Executive Officer of Teledyne Technologies while George C. Bobb III will take on the role of President and Chief Operating Officer.

Roks, currently Executive Vice President of Teledyne, leads Teledyne’s Digital Imaging Segment and has taken on increasing levels of operational responsibility since joining the company in 2011. He oversaw the integration of Teledyne's largest acquisitions and also served as Teledyne’s Chief Technology Officer from 2014 to 2015.

Bobb III is the current Executive Vice President of Teledyne and leads the company’s Aerospace and Defense Electronics Segment, the Marine Instrumentation group and the Engineered Systems Segment. He also leads Teledyne Scientific & Imaging which includes classified Digital Imaging programs. Bobb joined Teledyne in 2008, he has, “achieved increasing levels of operational and administrative responsibility, including previously serving as Teledyne's Chief Compliance Officer.”

"I want to congratulate Edwin and George on their well-deserved promotions to CEO and President and COO, respectively," said Mehrabian. "I will work side by side with them to continue the development and execution of Teledyne's growth strategy."

Jason VanWees, Vice Chairman (left) and Melanie S. Cibik, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Office and Secretary

Jason VanWees, Vice Chairman, is set to remain in his current role, overseeing strategy, capital allocation, mergers & acquisitions, investor relations and margin improvement programs.

The board also announced in its press release that Melanie S. Cibik will be promoted to the role of Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Office and Secretary. She will continue to oversee Teledyen’s legal, compliance, human resources, ethics and governance programs. VanWees and Cibik joined Teledyne in 1999.

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