March 31 2020  |  People

WK Thomas appoints new management team members

By Jane Hobson

WK Thomas has announced new appointments to two positions: Alex Noake has been appointed Managing Director of WK Thomas (WKT) and David Simpson has joined as Head of Travel.

Alex Noake, Managing Director, WK Thomas

Noake joined WK Thomas in 2018 as Commercial Director and General Manager. Before that, he worked in a number of financial roles. “Our market position as leaders in sustainability and innovation continues to give us the edge over our competitors,” said Noake in a release from the company. “We are always looking to the next big innovation to develop our business and help our customers reduce environmental footprint and improve profitability.”

David Simpson, Head of Travel, WK Thomas

David Simpson has been appointed Head of Travel and has been working with suppliers in the international airline industry since 2009, bringing geographic and cultural perspective to his position.

“The desire, in fact the need, for ‘greener’ products within the aviation industry really has lit a fire among our customers to develop new products with WKT and bring to market some fantastic innovations not only in product design, but most interestingly, materials,” said David. “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle initiatives are at the forefront of product development and WKT is fortunate to work with leading innovators within the industry to be able to provide ‘off the shelf’ solutions and bespoke designs, ahead of trend,” adds Simpson. “We are seeing new developments almost daily and are aware of further developments throughout 2020 and beyond.”

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