April 4 2018  |  People

Fleury Michon Airline Catering welcomes new Senior Director

By PAX International

David Salonsky, Fleury Michon Airline Catering's Senior Director, Global Business Development, Asia-Pacific

Fleury Michon Airline Catering is proud to announce the nomination of David Salonsky as Senior Director, Global Business Development, Asia-Pacific.

Salonsky brings with him 25 years of experience as a Sales and Marketing Executive in the airline catering and hospitality industries. Throughout his career, he lived in Europe, Asia and North America. In his new role, Salonsky will help the company expand into global markets, leading its development in Oceania, Pacific Rim and South Asia regions.

To support Business Development in Asia-Pacific, the Fleury Michon Airline Catering team of in-house Chefs is now collaborating with Chinese and Japanese culinary experts.

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