July 4 2024  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Iberia and Kaelis celebrate Pride Week with "Las Meninas" salt & pepper set

By Jane Hobson

Iberia and Kaelis celebrate Pride Week with "Las Meninas" salt & pepper set

Iberia and Kaelis have announced the release of a special edition of "Las Meninas" salt and pepper set in honour of Pride Week. This collaboration celebrates Diego Velázquez's masterpiece while reflecting the values of inclusion and diversity, the July 4 press release said. Kaelis and Iberia’s partnership will elevate the Business Class dining experience on the airline’s long-haul flights.

Diego Velázquez's "Las Meninas" is a piece of art housed in the Prado Museum in Madrid. By introducing this special edition of the salt and pepper set inspired by the painting, Iberia is bringing a piece of cultural history to the skies. With packaging designed in vibrant colours to symbolize the spirit of Pride Week, these lightweight mini “Meninas” elevate the culinary experience while demonstrating a commitment to social equality.

This collaboration embraces cultural heritage while celebrating the principles of Pride Week. The mini “Meninas” are crafted to stimulate meals but also to symbolize the unity and celebration of diverse identities.

They will be available to passengers in Business Class travelling during Pride Week.

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