January 6 2022  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

JetBlue launches Sustainable Travel Partners’ program

By Jayson Koblun

JetBlue said the Sustainable Travel Partners program offers corporate partners business travel emissions reduction and more

JetBlue has launched its “JetBlue Sustainable Travel Partners” program, and its inaugural customers, Biogen, Deloitte, ICF, and Salesforce, a suite of offerings to help corporate travel customers reduce their business travel emissions and meet their own corporate sustainability targets.

“Deloitte is committed to driving responsible climate choices,” said Scott Corwin, Managing Director and US Leader for Sustainability and Climate Change at Deloitte LLP. “By coming together with JetBlue, we are another step closer to reducing our travel emissions and achieving a more sustainable future.”

The airline said in a January 5 press release the Sustainable Travel Partners program offers corporate partners the following resources:

  • Business travel emissions reduction through the offering of JetBlue generated sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) certificates
  • Complimentary carbon offsetting on all domestic flights operated by JetBlue
  • Personalized travel data and analysis for more accurate emissions reporting
  • Consultation and tools for custom planning and target-setting to support in making more sustainable travel decisions

“Climate action is essential for human and planetary wellbeing,” said Alphonse Galdes, Ph.D., Head of Pharmaceutical Operations and Technology at Biogen in the release. “Yet, if we hope to make a substantive impact in this area, we all must come together — across industries — to re-examine the way we work, the way we live and the way we consume energy. By becoming an inaugural member of JetBlue's Sustainable Travel Partner Program, we at Biogen are proud to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and their associated impacts, as well as utilize more accurate data to inform travel decisions in the future.”

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