April 27 2021  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

TAP Air Portugal and AccesRail enter air-rail partnership in Europe

By Jane Hobson

TAP Air Portugal and AccesRail have signed an air-rail agreement that offers more destination and flexibility for each, complementing TAP's network and bringing more benefits to passengers.

AccesRail has been operating in the market for more than 20 years, serving the intermodal travel sector. It has several airline partners and companies operating high-speed trains in different countries.

The partnership allows TAP's customers to book high-speed train tickets in conjunction with their airfares in Europe via TAP's website, or through GDS distribution systems at global travel agencies. The agreement also expands the airline's routes in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium and UK. It reinforces TAP's Lisbon hub, increasing its connectivity and profitability.

The rail connections make it faster to travel to the center of several European cities as they are accessed by train from central stations, such as such as Deutsche Bahn in Germany; Trenitalia in Italy; Transpennine/GWR in the UK; SBB Switzerland; OBB in Austria; and, SNBC in the Netherlands and Belgium. Now, TAP offers coverage to these cities, even if not served by airports, providing more flexibility, convenience and simplicity to passengers in planning their voyage.

“With this landmark inter-modal partnership, a significant amount of Europeans can now buy an integrated and more sustainable product to come visit Portugal," said Arik De, Chief Revenue & Network Officer at TAP in the April 23 press release. "Linking rail and air is fundamental to a sustainable future, and our partnership with Access Rail allows us to build the platform towards achieving that goal."

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