December 15 2020  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

gategroup to sell beauty products and accessories

By Rick Lundstrom

gategroup’s retail digital and marketing arm has launched a new online service in Sweden selling perfume, accessories and other items.

Shopamore will offer goods that would have previously been bought by charter flight passengers traveling to and from Scandinavia through the popular traveler’s shop - Holiday Taxfree. Goods sold through Shopamore do include tax and do not include alcohol and tobacco.

With the ongoing effects of the global pandemic, people aren’t traveling nearly as much. So, based from a specialist warehouse at Tibro in central Sweden – between Stockholm and Gothenburg – the team came up with a way of selling the stock to the public.

In a normal year, the Tibro operation would send out more than one million bags of goods that would be waiting for passengers as they boarded their flights. They can now order the same items with Shopamore, but with direct delivery to their homes.

The Shopamore name is a play on words between “shop more” and “shop with love” (amore being the Italian word for love) two phrases which perfectly encapsulate the ideas behind the new concept.

“We have huge stocks of exceptional products within Shopamore where customers have the opportunity to purchase online all the lovely things they would normally buy on their way to their holiday,” said Åsa Råd Vaher, Director gateretail Digital and Marketing, Sweden, in yesterday’s announcement.

“Opening just in time for Christmas, we’ve already seen that fragrances have been selling very well and site visitors will be able to pick up exceptional bargains just in time for the holiday season.”

New products are being added to the Shopamore site each week including sunglasses, make-up, skincare products and watches. Prices are further reduced from those they were originally offered at and of course all provide the added benefit of limited contact through online ordering and home delivery.

“While we are all waiting for the return of air travel, Shopamore is a tremendous way of keeping customers in touch with one of the fun aspects travel while bagging a bargain at the same time," concluded Åsa Råd Vaher.

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