June 22 2020  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Retail inMotion, Bluebox bring retail solution to post-COVID-19 cabin

By Jane Hobson

Onboard retail provider Retail inMotion, a wholly owned subsidiary of LSG Group, announced today a partnership, in support of inflight entertainment systems integration, with Bluebox Aviation Systems to offer an enhanced "touch-free" retail solution for airlines globally.

Through this partnership, airlines will have access to an integrated, end-to-end solution that establishes new and innovative sales channels in the post-COVID-19 world. The touchless shopping experience will offer food, beverages and other goods on Bluebox's battery or aircraft-powered wireless IFE platform, Bluebox Wow. The solution will also virtualize the trolley and facilitate touchless payments so that passengers and crew can keep a social distance, while maintaining the revenue stream for the airline.

“Airlines today face an increasingly challenging and evolving environment in meeting the levels of service passengers have come to expect over the last number of years,” said John Vaughan, Head of Product Management at Retail inMotion. “By combining the expertise of Retail inMotion and Bluebox, we can help airlines address these challenges both now and in the future while increasing ancillary revenues.”

David Brown, Director of Business Development at Bluebox said, “Airlines wish to get back to delivering inflight experiences that delight passengers without compromising the safety protocols that are being implemented to protect both passengers and cabin crew."

He added: “Bluebox Wow already supports the hygienic provision of seatback information such as inflight magazines and safety cards. However, the current environment expedited the need to deliver a touchless payment option that integrated smoothly with the inventory management systems on board."

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