December 23 2019  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Malton Inflight lands in Calgary

By Jane Hobson

Malton Inflight is landing in Calgary, Canada with the announcement of a new office. The addition comes as part of the UK-headquartered company’s global strategy to strengthen partnerships in Canada and America. The expansion will position Malton Inflight with a wider global presence, joining its roster of established offices in Shanghai and the UK.

“The decision to expand into North America with a third regional office was a logical step in our business growth strategy,” said Alex Oakley, Projects and Marketing Manager at Malton Inflight, in a press release from the company. Oakley will head the new office. “As the industry is adapting to new environmental legislation, it is critical we strengthen our presence in the right markets where we are seeing exponential demand for our services,” he continued.

“It’s a big step but we are confident about the new opportunities Canada will offer,” added Gordon Oakley, Chief Executive Officer of the company.

The Calgary office is set to officially commence business in the New Year.

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