October 8 2019  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

ABC International puts heart into Southwest Airlines

By Jane Hobson

Southwest Airlines' heart logo cabin branding created by ABC International

Italian cabin branding specialist ABC International announced today that it has been selected to handle Southwest Airlines’ (SWA) latest onboard branding strategy, bringing the airline's iconic heart logo into the cabins of its 737 fleet.

To reflect the brand and meet airworthiness regulations and standards, ABC International’s research and development team put “strong effort in selecting the most suitable materials to give the most eye-catching solution,” reads today’s release from the company.

Built from aluminum with a chrome polished surface, the lightweight injected polycarbonate heart logo is varnished with aeronautical paint in Southwest Airlines’ recognizable blue, yellow and red stripes. ABC International delivered more than 100 hearts to the airline.

“The merging of ABC expertise in cabin branding and SWA attitude made this partnership successful, giving the birth to a unique onboard product for a remarkable and customized travel experience,” the release continued.

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