July 16 2019  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Fleury Michon acquires Marfo Food Group

By Rachel Debling

Fleury Michon has announced the successful acquisition of Marfo Food Group, which will merge with Fleury Michon America and operate under its subsidiary Fleury Michon Airline Catering International.

According to a statement from Fleury Michon, the merger will allow both companies to offer a uniform and global product to current and future customers. "This is the first step in a joint strategic master plan to serve our customers worldwide through various production sites including the Far East," read the press release announcing the acquisition.

Consistent quality on both sides of the Atlantic, including parts of South America, is one of the end goals of this move. The customers of the merged companies will be rewarded with a global product offering, efficiency and culinary workshop expertise.

"In Marfo, Fleury Michon has found a partner whom not only shares the same values in offering a superior customer experience, but also who believes in having a global presence for serving our clients," the press release continued.

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