June 3 2019  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

IN Air Travel Experience launches environmental initiative

By PAX International

On June 1, IN Air Travel Experience revealed it has launched an environmental sustainability manifesto for airlines called Susta.IN, which further builds on its founders interest in eco-conscious travel

"In today’s world of air travel, where experiences and customer-centricity are considered the ultimate currency, the role of sustainability – in every sense of the word – has never been more important," read a press release announcing the new endeavor, adding that the program is "context-specific, purpose-driven, affordable and actionable."

According to IN Air Travel Experience, the manifesto was created to help airlines define an objective view and deep understanding of sustainable initiatives, so they can make the right choices before investing in any change.

The announcement continued: "The Circular Economy Initiative by the EU, and especially the new directive around single-use plastics, will heavily affect the airline operations, and airlines are in some cases not well-prepared for such impactful change."

The main interest of suppliers and plastic manufacturers is to push their own product portfolio instead of offering ideal solutions for airlines, the company pointed out. This creates difficulty for airlines trying to decide between multiply, purportedly "green" fixes.

"Susta.IN offers real, durable and impartial insights for The Sustainable Cabin; scrutinizes the cost, value and life-cycle of products and services; considers recyclability and waste management; and creates well-curated innovative solutions," the company stated.

Watch this space for more information regarding Susta.IN and its efforts.

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