June 15 2023  |  Jeremy's World

Update on Malaysia Airlines catering deal

By Jeremy Clark

Ever since the new airport in KLIA was built with its massively over-capacity catering, times have been turbulent. Starting out life as MAS Catering, it was then sold out to Brahim's who then entered into various JV’s including LSG and more recently SATS. Now it seems Brahim's Holdings Bhd's relationship with Malaysia Airlines Bhd has reached its final chapter, putting an end to an inflight catering partnership signed 25 years ago.

I understand that the national airline’s parent company, Malaysia Aviation Group is to end its catering service provider and operate its own flight catering service from next month. It’s suggested that MAG would start using its unit, MAS Awana, to deliver catering they and Brahim's, could not reach a deal to extend the latter's contract, which ends on June 30.

I understand that some of the in-house catering work, such as uplift to aircraft, would be subcontracted to a new vendor as MAS Awana did not yet have the full capacity to do all the work on its own.

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