September 27 2021

ANA launches new healthy and halal…

New offerings on ANA

September 9 2021

The Kosher Arabia KSML connection

Dubai’s largest airline caterer saw the need to establish a facility to supply certified food for one of the world’s major…

May 25 2021

An inside look at SATS' canteen…

SATS brings touchless service and some well-known dishes to Singapore General Hospital

May 25 2021

dnata's plans to waste no more

The Singapore catering unit of dnata has found a unique partner to deal with a food waste issue

May 25 2021

Bangkok Air Catering is tactful…

Following the third wave in Thailand, Bangkok Air Catering has all eyes on business-to-consumer…

May 25 2021

Catering qualms as the industry…

This regional report reviews the state of airlines, caterers and suppliers in Asia

May 25 2021

​Newrest to acquire Sodexo business…

Transportation catering and facility management part of the company's plans

April 21 2021

Turkish Airlines resumes food service

Turkish Airlines resumes food service

March 22 2021

Kosher Arabia opens in Dubai

New facility is a joint venture of Emirates Flight Catering and CCL Holdings

March 1 2021

Bangkok Air Catering celebrates…

Bangkok Air Catering celebrates 17 successful years in business

February 26 2021

Restructuring to move forward

In the last 18 months, Asia went from boom, to bust, to uncertainty

February 19 2021

Video Clip: Associations see early…

ACA and IFSA see early adoption of COVID-19 Guideline

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