May 28 2020

Flying Food Group opens new kitchen…

Flying Food Group opens kitchen at San Francisco

By Rick Lundstrom

August 28 2019

JAL releases fall meal lineup

Classic fricassee dish among the new offerings on JAL this fall

By Rick Lundstrom

August 7 2019

Flying Food Group earns Japan Airlines’…

After 18 years of catering for Japan Airlines, Flying Food Group was honored with an award

By Lisa Bucher

June 7 2019

​JAL adds new short-haul menu and…

A celebrity chef and well-known burger franchise contributed to the new menu items

By Rick Lundstrom

August 31 2018

JAL releases new autumn menu

Japan Airline's latest onboard offering begins September 1, and includes updates to all cabins…

By Rachel Debling

July 4 2018

Exclusive curated wines come to…

Beginning in August, Japan Airlines will serve an original series of wines to Premium and Economy Class customers

By Rachel Debling

June 1 2018

JAL adds new menus and burger service…

​Japan Airlines has added new range of inflight meals created under the concept of JAL Kitchen Gallery for Premium Economy…

By Rick Lundstrom

December 5 2017

JAL launches new collaboration…

JAL is collaborating with Soup Stock Tokyo and serve a hearty chicken and vegetable based mushroom soup, an original JAL…

By Rick Lundstrom

September 18 2017

Young chef creations find home…

The meals are designed by six young chefs, who were the RED U-35’s finalists.

By Hibah Noor

August 9 2017

FFG Honolulu earns JAL Meal Quality…

FFG HNL caters six flights per day for JAL—an FFG customer at Honolulu since 2011.

By Hibah Noor

December 18 2015

JAL to add high-impact amenity…

JAL will be the world’s first airline to provide an original amenity kits collaborating with…

By Rick Lundstrom

June 2 2015

JAL adds vegetarian products from…

JAL’s new vegetarian meals use original ingredients and sauce such as soybean meat, minced konjak and vegetable demi-glace…

By Rick Lundstrom

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