May 27 2024  |  Catering

WTCE issue: Introducing gatesolutions and uqonic

By Jane Hobson

This is a special feature from PAX International's May 2024 WTCE issue, on page 68.

gatesolutions provides professional and convenient catering solutions to the broader travel industry, including railway, ferry and cruise ships

To find exciting new recipes, chefs often explore new ingredients, flavours and combinations to find the next great dish. Just like those chefs, gategroup is expanding its portfolio beyond the airline industry into other areas of the food service and food retail business, the company tells PAX International.

By leveraging its global presence and expertise in the hospitality and catering industry, gategroup is unveiling the launch of a new master brand for its Food Solutions vertical. Specialized in delivering tailormade catering and packaged meal solutions for the food service and retail industry, gatesolutions has a menu of skills, tools and knowledge at its fingertips.

gatesolutions emerges from a rich history in aviation catering and has a know-how and taking advantage of the global community of culinary experts, gatesolutions provides professional and convenient catering solutions to the broader travel industry, including railway, ferry and cruise ships. Beyond travel, it serves general industries, remote locations like on- and offshore healthcare and educational institutions. World-class chefs craft and curate scalable menus, and with production units spread across the globe, these expertly crafted menus can be reproduced globally for any catering need.

uqonic caters for convention, sporting event and concert venue lounges with top tier hospitality services and dream-worthy cuisine

On-the-ground and on-the-go, the gatesolutions products range from high-end catering services to premium fresh and frozen meals and snacks, to convenient meals ready to heat-eat. With modern facilities using advanced culinary production techniques, gatesolutions leverages its facilities to also produce large batches of ready components to serve retail stores and quick service restaurants.

Another of gategroup’s new brands is uqonic, a daughter brand of gatesolutions. With a top-level team providing clients with exceptional lounges and event catering services, uqonic already serves more than 16 million passengers at award-winning airport and train station lounges, providing unique and iconic culinary experiences for passengers and guests. But lounges are not only in travel spots, so for guests attending conventions, sporting events or concert venues, there is the opportunity for uqonic to step in and enhance those lounges with top tier hospitality services and dream-worthy cuisine.

“We are primed and ready to step beyond the limits of the aviation industry and make a monumental shift into the food retail and food service industries,” Chris Plüss, President Food Solutions, tells PAX International. “Not only can we serve passengers aboard flights and guests in lounges, but we can support businesses and their workforce as well. We can help provide nutritional, delicious meals for employees in office buildings and cafeterias. Good food means happy employees, which means a successful business.”

Not only is gatesolutions creating delicious memorable meals for customers, but the packaging it comes in also puts its business partners at an advantage. gatesolutions tells PAX International it is committed to shaping the future of food delivery, recognizing the impact this industry has on the environment and working towards reducing that footprint.

deSter, another brand of gategroup, under the umbrella of gatesolutions, produces innovative packaging solutions that not only function to the highest standards, but meet environmental and ESG goals, using best practices in production and waste reduction.

“We have already found many successes within the food retail landscape which are motivating our teams and whetting the appetite to further expand and explore the possibilities that gatesolutions can offer,” says Tim de Wit, Global Director Catering Solutions at gategroup.

The gategroup team in Spain was awarded with the “Best Restaurant Concept”
for the restaurant and comprehensive catering services onboard iryo trains

gategroup has helped its airline partners reach levels of recognition for food offerings and is transferring that expertise into other areas of the travel industry such as onboard trains, in stations and on cruise ships. Recently, the gategroup team in Spain was awarded with the “Best Restaurant Concept” at the Hostelco awards for the restaurant and comprehensive catering services onboard iryo trains, the first private Spanish operator in the high-speed railway market. The restaurant “Haizea by gategourmet” onboard the iryo trains is based on three core principles: innovation in services, culinary excellence and commitment to sustainability. This award- winning execution is the foundation on which gatesolutions operates, reflecting the dedication, hard work and passion that the teams under the gategroup name have, the company says.

The immersion in various food sectors provides the gategroup team with invaluable insights into the different culinary movements, where consumers are increasingly seeking personalized food options. All gategroup brands use data to drive customer experience, by identifying and converting food and beverage trends into culinary creations.

gatesolutions is not only the expert in unique, customized food experiences. It is the architect of creating enhanced customer satisfaction wherever its customers are. Shaping a future where sustainability meets innovation, where every meal tells a story and every bite makes a difference.

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