April 2 2024  |  Catering

Cuisine Solutions introduces new line of sous vide products

By Jane Hobson

Vegan Chicken Strips in Green Curry

Cuisine Solutions is introducing Signature Sous Vide, a new line of premium fully cooked meal starters, ranging from Day-To-Day, Vegan, to Indulgent options. With more than five decades of experience in sous vide cuisine, Cuisine Solutions has created an efficient product that allows home cooks to create their own signature dishes.

“Crafted by our team of more than 100 passionate chefs dedicated to culinary innovation, utilizing the sous vide method – a technique we've mastered over decades – Signature Sous Vide products deliver consistently delicious results every time,” the company said.

The products are designed to address a current gap in the market for gourmet sous vide products that act as the foundation for home-cooked meals. Vegan meal options include Vegan Chili and Vegan Chicken Strips in Green Curry. Meanwhile, other dishes for purchase include Sliced Beef Sirloin, Chipotle Pork and Chicken Margherita.

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