March 12 2024  |  Catering

JAL brings Japanese flavours inflight with Joshu Wagyu

By PAX International Magazine Staff

JAL will serve Joshu Wagyu onboard the route from CDG to HND 

Japan Airlines (JAL) has announced it will offer two special menus featuring Joshu Wagyu from Gunma Prefecture for First Class and Business Class passengers travelling from Paris (CDG) to Haneda (HND) from March 1. These menus were developed in collaboration with SARL OMATSU FRANCE, the operator of "WAGYU RESTAURANT 1129,” a Japanese Wagyu beef restaurant located in the 1st District of Paris. The menu will showcase the world's first initiative to serve locally processed sliced Japanese beef for inflight dining, JAL said in its press release.

As part of the efforts between Japan and France to support the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan’s initiative to expand the export of Japanese beef, JAL and “WAGYU RESTAURANT 1129” will work together to give passengers the experience and flavours of Japanese beef while dining inflight.

A direct partnership with Gunma Prefecture Meat Wholesale Market Co., Ltd., and Maison Cosse has led to the ability to serve the Joshu Wagyu onboard. Despite the strict meat processing regulations in France, the close cooperation has made it possible to introduce Japanese Wagyu beef for inflight dining. The beef is now processed and sliced locally at a meat processing company in France.

Sustainability is also at the forefront of the collaboration. The menu selection includes the use of chuck roll, a secondary cut obtained from parts left over from the steak cutting process. This emphasis on waste reduction demonstrates a commitment to reducing SDGs.

“JAL will continue to promote the attractiveness of Gunma Prefecture's Joshu Wagyu worldwide and strive to further increase the demand for high-quality Japanese Wagyu beef and expand exports,” the airline said in its press release.

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