September 6 2022  |  Catering

Savannah-based chef designs meals for Delta

By Rick Lundstrom

Mashama Bailey (Photo by Nydia Bias)

Delta flights departing Atlanta are boarding to Southern-inspired meals designed by Chef Mashama Bailey.

Bailey is the winner of the 2022 James Beard Foundation’s “Outstanding American Chef” award and Executive Chef and co-founder of The Grey, a Southern restaurant in downtown Savannah, Georgia.

Bailey’s meals are served out of Atlanta for lunch and dinner in domestic First Class on flights where hot food is served. International Delta One passengers departing Atlanta will have the option to pre-select menu items designed by the chef before their flight.

Bailey’s Port City Southern menu features dishes similar to those served at The Grey: a flounder and oyster dish with fumé blanc, green apple, potato, bok choy and turnips; short ribs with kanni sauce and smoked collard greens; vegan vegetable tagine with roasted sweet potato topped with a chermoula sauce and, for dessert, buttermilk cornmeal tres leches with candied kumquats and mandarin oranges.

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