June 29 2022  |  Catering

​Cuisine Solutions and LSG Group form strategic alliance

By Rick Lundstrom

LSG Group CEO Erdmann Rauer (left) and Cuisine Solutions President and CEO Felipe Hasselmann at this year's WTCE

Cuisine Solutions and CREA, the company’s education, consulting and innovation arm, is forming a strategic alliance with LSG Group to jointly develop new concepts for airline catering, as well as explore opportunities to use the LSG Sky Chefs catering network for other food-commerce models.

The alliance will equip LSG Sky Chefs’ existing locations with the manufacturing and service capabilities necessary to handle multiple food-commerce concepts, including home delivery, convenience retail for take-away options, buy-on-board and outsourcing restaurant menus for delivery, while ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. The partnership will allow the LSG Group to create innovative concepts for its core customers in these industries using Cuisine Solutions’ sous-vide products.

The alliance will be launched in three simultaneous stages: First, Cuisine Solutions will supply the LSG Sky Chefs facilities with a selection of core menu items globally. Both companies will work together to present airline customers with the “best of both worlds” in developing new onboard catering concepts. Second, the LSG Group will work with CREA to continuously educate its global culinary team on the latest developments and innovative approaches. Third, the two companies will work together to explore options to redesign the LSG Sky Chefs kitchens worldwide, transforming their operations into the catering facilities of the future.

“We are delighted to develop such a strong worldwide alliance with LSG Group,” said Cuisine Solutions President and CEO Felipe Hasselmann. “Erdmann Rauer’s vision of the future of catering along with LSG Group’s strong penetration on airlines and non-airline channels fits perfectly into our vision of supplying the highest quality, safer and innovative products consistently around the world. CREA, our sous-vide consulting arm, has had very successful results creating the future back of the kitchen for restaurants, hotels, stadium restaurants and ghost kitchens and now we will do the same with catering in partnership with LSG.”

“This alliance is a natural progression for our company as we move to adopt a renewed focus on innovation and partnerships, both in terms of airline catering and food commerce,” added Erdmann Rauer, CEO of the LSG Group. “Expanding our collaboration with long-time partner Cuisine Solutions matches our strategic targets going forward, while enriching the knowledge base across our network. Our goal is to work closer with our customers in developing culinary concepts that not only meet their needs but help us constantly advance the processes and techniques that will continue to solidify our leading position in the industry.”

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