June 22 2022  |  Catering

​Tom Savano cocktails launch with Virgin Atlantic

By Jane Hobson

Tom Savano cocktails come in 100 milliliter drinks

Tom Savano handcrafted world cocktails are now available on selected Virgin Atlantic Airways flights, giving the airline the opportunity to tailor its passenger’s experiences to the destination, with premium pre-mixed drinks.

The Tom Savano range has been built around travel-inspired cocktails, pre-mixed to remove the logistical headache, costs and time typically associated with premium mixed drinks.

Using artisan, high-quality spirits, Tom Savano Cocktails come in varieties like Single Estate Reposado Margarita, Sydney Twilight Espresso Martini and English Garden Lychee Martini. The company also taps into the trend for personalization, offering the travel catering sector a tailor-made cocktail solution, with bespoke cocktails inspired by the journey’s destination.

Tom Savano’s 100-milliliter drinks are now available to Upper Class passengers on Virgin Atlantic’s A350 fleet flying between London Heathrow and Manchester to Orlando.

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