April 26 2022  |  Catering

SSP and Servy roll out Order@ technology at outlets across eight countries

By Jane Hobson

Servy and SSP Group have joined forces to rollout a contactless order and pay solution at SSP’s bars and restaurants across eight countries. Further rollouts are also planned in 2022, having just launched into France this April and additional plans for Spain and Dubai later in the year.

Through this launch across SSP Group’s outlets, Servy has reached a transaction milestone of 2 million orders with SSP Group through Order@ as one of their most flexible solutions. Servy’s Order@ solution, a platform which allows guests to order and pay for purchases quickly and directly through their personal digital device, has been rolled out to many of SSP’s bars and restaurants, offering new technology that enables travelers to benefit from quicker service and reduced touchpoints. Guests can now open a tab and order at their leisure, scanning and paying when they are ready to leave.

"Our Order@ solution continues to drive real results for our restaurant partners, and we’re thrilled to be working with partners such as SSP to widen the reach of this technology for the benefit of customers and hospitality outlets around the world," said Jeff Livney, Chief Experience Officer at Servy. "Servy’s focus remains squarely on supporting the hospitality industry with innovative tools that will enable them to enhance guest satisfaction and improve operational efficiency and profitability. The growth of our Order@ network will help us to gain greater insights into customer purchasing habits, and our partners will be able to leverage this data to optimize the guest experience."

"We and Servy both share the belief that technology should enhance service and not replace it. Our customers expect great service, and Order@ means that providing this will be even easier, safer, and more efficient," said Mark Smith, Chief Information and Digital Officer, at SSP. "Across our business, we are looking at the ways we can further improve our operations by using cutting edge technology and this is just one of the many ways we are using it to make a visit to one of our bars and restaurants even better."

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