February 18 2022  |  Catering

​Delta ramping up onboard experience

By Rick Lundstrom

Hot meal service will start on flights of 900 miles or more in March

Delta Air Lines’ popular Biscoff cookie is only the start of a line of foodservice improvements as the airline welcomes increasing passenger numbers.

In a Q an A on the airline’s website, Allison Ausband, Delta’s Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Experience Officer outlined some of the brands and meals that will be soon flying on the airline.

Starting in March, passengers in First Class on flights of 900 miles or more will be served hot meals such as ginger-beer braised osso bucco, wild mushroom ravioli, chicken cacciatore and French bread pizza. The airline has teamed with Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q on select flights out of Atlanta. Dessert selection includes ricotta cheesecake, frozen Greek yogurt with cherry syrup and a strawberry, rhubarb and pretzel tart.

Other brands that will be served are Rold Gold Pretzels, organic bars from Kate’s Real Food. Cocktail and wine service includes Du Nord Social Spirits and canned wine from Imagery Winery.

“Our specially curated menus and beverage options will wow customers as we continue to create and onboard dining experience that builds on our premium service and culture of innovation,” said Ausband.

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