January 21 2022  |  Catering

"Veganuary" brings increase in meatless meal requests on Emirates

By Rick Lundstrom

Marinated tofu is served in Emirates' lounges

Vegan meals are one of the most commonly requested special meals onboard Emirates flights and during the month of January, also dubbed Veganuary.

In 2021, Emirates served up to 10 percent more vegan meals on its flights in January than any other month, and 2022 looks to follow the same trend, said the airline. Overall, Emirates served more than 113,000 vegan meals during 2021.

Emirates’ vegan culinary repertoire has more than 170 dishes. Keeping to its tradition of serving regionally inspired cuisine on its flights, Emirates serves recipes with flavors inspired by the origin or destination cities on its flights.

Some of the vegan meals served on Emirates flights include grilled vegetable crêpes with spinach and tomato concassé, Mediterranean vegetable ravioli and tagine vegetables with couscous. Vegan meals are also complemented by desserts such as caramel baked rice served with coconut cream and pineapple with pomelo and ginger syrup. Emirates also offers vegan choices for breakfast such as coconut oat and chia pudding served with mango and passion fruit compote.

Passengers can request vegan meals on all Emirates flights and across all classes of travel up to 24 hours before departure. However, on high-demand routes, plant-based meals are also provided as part of the main menu options.

Emirates’ premium customers can also sample plant-based food at Emirates’ lounges at Dubai. At Emirates’ First Class Lounge in Dubai, passengers can enjoy a range of vegan treats including Vietnamese style rice paper rolls served with a mild spicy vinegar dip or the Green Burger prepared with a vegan patty and served with a rocket side salad. Business Class customers can enjoy Quinoa tabbouleh or vegetable and white bean soup. Both lounges also offer a selection of healthy vegan salads. Emirates’ dedicated airport lounges across Europe, Africa, U.S. and Asia also offer plant-based dishes.

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