October 13 2021  |  Catering

SIA adds healthy emphasis to ultra-long flights

By Rick Lundstrom

A range of entrees, appetizers, desserts and breakfasts await travelers from Singapore to the United States

Singapore Airlines has announced a new partnership with Golden Door, the destination spa. The partnership will bring a selection of health-focused meals, exercise and well-being options to passengers aboard the world’s longest flights.

Golden Door chefs, nutritionists, and personal trainers have developed a broad range of menus, exercise/stretching programs and other content designed specifically for Singapore Airlines passengers. The selection is designed to improve nutrition, sleep, relaxation and energy levels aboard flights that can extend to nearly 19 hours without making a stop.

“Our long-standing commitment to wellness has led us to work with Golden Door’s highly specialized expertise, and create new options for health-oriented dining, exercise, and strategies for better sleep on long flights,” said Yeoh Phee Teik, Senior Vice President Customer Experience for Singapore Airlines in today's announcement. “Now more than ever, our customers are focused on maximizing wellness in every aspect of their lives. This partnership is instrumental in finding practical, effective ways to extend the principles and practice of well-being to air travel.”

“With more than 60 years as a favorite among the world’s most discerning spa clients, Golden Door is recognized as one of the most preeminent brands in wellness,” said Betty Wong, Divisional Vice President Inflight Services and Design at Singapore Airlines. “As both SIA and Golden Door have been regularly named as the leading international airline and number one destination spa in the world's top travel publications, it is fitting that we come together to further enhance our passengers’ well-being and comfort on board our flights."

Kathy Van Ness, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer at Golden Door added: “A healthier travel experience is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. Bringing the Golden Door program to a world class airline like Singapore Airlines will enable guests to arrive at their destination nurtured and refreshed—no doubt setting the bar for wellness and the future of travel."

As part of the partnership, a team of Golden Door experts is developing a broad range of recommendations to help passengers aboard SIA’s longest flights maximize their sense of well-being when traveling. These include:

Building on Golden Door Chef Greg Frey Jr.’s philosophy that healthy dining can still be satisfying, the partnership is developing a broad range of appetizers, main courses and desserts for SIA nonstops. These new options will be available in addition to SIA’s existing line of dishes from the carrier’s International Culinary Panel, Book the Cook and other programs. Passengers are free to mix-and-match individual dishes from any SIA dining program to further customize their inflight dining experience.

The new program features specially designed beverages to enhance hydration and promote a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation within the drier environment of an aircraft cabin.

Golden Door trainers are developing a range of small-scale, inflight exercises and stretches that passengers can conduct at their seats - in all classes of service - to increase circulation, enhance flexibility, and enhance alertness prior to arriving at a new destination.

Getting hight-quality sleep inflight ranks as a top priority for many international travelers. Golden Door practitioners are sharing a range of experience-based techniques and approaches to help travellers maximize both the amount and quality of their sleep aboard SIA’s ultra-long-haul flights.

The first menus and content from the SIA/Golden Door wellness partnership will launch aboard SQ37 from Los Angeles to Singapore – one of the world’s longest commercial flights – starting in January 2022. The program will be extended to additional SIA nonstop services from San Francisco and New York (JFK) to Singapore shortly thereafter.

Main Courses: Portobello meatballs, risotto heirloom tomato sauce with wilted greens; Lemon-roasted Cornish hen, farm verde, asparagus, roasted eggplant fricassee; Scallops or tofu with cauliflower sauce, wild rice and beurre noisette; Citrus salmon over pumpkin dal, basmati rice and cilantro ghee

Appetizers: Citrus grilled shrimp salad with honey glazed mushrooms, blackberries, sourdough croutons, balsamic ginger dressing; Hearty vegetable black bean chili with cornbread croutons, avocado cream and cilantro; Cauliflower chowder with cheddar cheese and chili oil; Orange-braised baby beet salad with endive, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts

Breakfasts: Power-packed oatmeal with goji berries, blueberries, quinoa, almonds and honey drizzle: Sourdough French toast with ginger maple syrup and vanilla berries; Smoked salmon with crisp Lavash and lemon crema; Cocoa granola with cinnamon hazelnut milk.

Desserts: Vegan coconut ice cream with mango; Avocado chocolate ganache; Persimmon pudding cake; Spiced apple cake; Baked seasonal fruit crumble