June 30 2021  |  Catering

JAL teams with Tanita Corp. for inflight wellness

By Rick Lundstrom

The Chewing Healthy Salad Bow will be on JAL long haul flights

Japan Airlines and TANITA Corporation are collaborating with healthy meals and later exercise videos on the airline’s long haul flights starting July 1.

The JAL “AIR series,” which has been in operation since 2011, will be revamped to offer a new menu, called “Sky Wellness Kitchen.”

The menu is supervised by TANITA CAFÉ, a concept café operated by TANITA. The first item on the menu is the “Chewing” Healthy Salad Bowl, accompanied by a leaflet with a column and original stretching exercises of TANITA Gymnastics.

Focusing on boosting immunity, TANITA CAFÉ will offer an original menu that incorporates the “chewing” element, which is one of the features of TANITA CAFÉ, and nutrients such as protein that boost immunity. In addition to activating the brain, chewing is expected to improve the immune system.

An accompanying leaflet includes tips on improving immunity as well as TANITA Gymnastics original stretching that can be easily done at home or at your destination. JAL and TANITA will support customers’ health promotion not only in the sky, but also during the trip.

Starting in November, "In-Flight Gymnastics," video in the airline’s inflight entertainment system will have new video by TANITA. The exercises, which can be performed easily to music, will not only help prevent deep vein thrombosis, but will also refresh the body and make long flights more comfortable.

JAL and Tanita will collaborate to provide a new “health -creating “service in the sky so that passengers can spend their time with peace of mind in the Corona disaster.

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