March 12 2021  |  Catering

Austrian to offer new purchase options on short-haul flights

By Rick Lundstrom

Retail inMotion (RiM) worked with Austrian Airlines on its new catering concept, that will give Economy Class passengers on short-haul flights the option to purchase fresh, regional, and high quality food and beverage products in a program called “Austrian Melangerie.”

The new food and beverage offer will become available on Austrian Airlines’ short-haul flights starting on March 18.

RiM is collaborating withAustrian Airlines to identify, develop, and select products for their culinary offer, alongside Henry, DO & CO’s retail brand, which offers fresh, locally grown, preservative-free products, and Julius Meinl, the ambassador for Viennese coffeehouse culture.

The culinary offer from “Henry for Austrian” brings their extensive gourmet experience to the skies. The selection ranges from savoury snack bites like the traditional Brettljause platter, hearty delicacies such as the world famous chicken schnitzel with parsley potatoes and mushroom goulash with bread dumplings to healthy bites like the alpine poké bowl and classic Austrian desserts such as Apfelstrudel. The fresh product assortment, managed by Retail inMotion in cooperation with Austrian Airlines and Henry, which reflects the brand values of Austria’s flag carrier and the diversity of the country’s cuisine, is updated every three months.

The Julius Meinl assortment includes the famous Viennese Mélange and tea specialties served in recyclable cups. Passengers can also enjoy Meinl SuprLid Coffee, which combines Meinl’s coffee with Retail inMotion’s SuprLid revolutionary concept – a portable cafetiere, which filters the freshly brewed coffee and elevates the classic hot beverage to a deliciously fragrant brew, mixing innovation with a hundred years of coffee tradition.

The culinary offer would not be complete without the Original Sacher-Torte, the most iconic Viennese cake, and famous Austrian sweets like Manner wafers and Mirabell Echte Salzburger Mozartkugel. Passengers can also enjoy regional beverages such as premium wines from Meinl am Graben, the famous restaurant and delicacies shop, Almdudler, as well as spirits from the Austrian premium distillery Reisetbauer or craft beer from the Austrian Beer Buddies.

“Our goal was to create a customer-centric and premium retail concept, which puts an emphasis on quality, regionality and sustainability, and brings iconic food and beverage products to the skies for a traditional Austrian experience,” added Sven Meissner, Retail Director at Retail inMotion.

“We are delighted to enter into a strong partnership with RiM as retail manager and IT provider for our Austrian Melangerie," said Austrian Airlines CCO Michael Trestl. "With the help of new technologies provided by Retail inMotion, we are using innovative predictive analytics tools to optimize our onboard offer and loading as well to reduce waste. This enables us to always offer our guests on board a wide selection of fresh food and beverages from a premium range under the DO & CO "Henry for Austrian" brand.

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