February 18 2021  |  Catering

SATS brings dining concepts to Singapore hospital

By Rick Lundstrom

A pre-order function is part to of SATS service to Singapore General Hospital (Photos Courtesy SATS Ltd.)

SATS Ltd. today unveiled a dining concept for Singapore General Hospital (SGH) that showcases its culinary expertise and digital capabilities.

Diners are now able to taste SATS’ signature dishes such as its popular laksa even when they are not traveling, through a contactless dining experience at Singapore’s first hospital.

Located at the heart of Singapore’s largest healthcare hub in the city center, the SGH Housemen’s Canteen offers healthcare professionals and members of the public a safe dining experience.

Contactless meals are dispensed in lockers to diners at Housemen's Canteen

“SATS taps on decades of culinary expertise and its tiered kitchen capabilities to provide a wide-ranging menu that is curated based on data analytics derived from a smart kiosk and online ordering system,” said a release from SATS.

A selection of meal components such as SATS’ signature sauces and soups will be cooked in large batches in its central kitchens, before each dish is assembled and prepared in front of diners. Behind the scenes, the contactless operation involves four stations in the kitchen – the hot kitchen, regeneration station, assembly station, and packing station – manned by just five kitchen staff who work with precision.

Diners can pre-order popular dishes through a mobile website before collecting them or place orders via digital kiosks at the SGH Housemen’s Canteen. While waiting, they can observe how their food is prepared through a window beside the collection point. All orders will be served to diners through food lockers that they access after receiving an SMS notification. SATS manages both ordering channels and analyses demand to enhance the overall menu offering and dining experience.

“SGH believes in leveraging technology to transform patient care and experience as evidenced by the initiatives we have rolled out over the years. We continue to do so even more during the pandemic, as the need for rapid innovation has never been greater. Our partnership with SATS to offer a digitalized and contactless dining concept will not only enhance visitor experience but that of our staff at SGH Campus too,” said Geoffrey Gui, Director, Division of Patient Support, SGH.

Said Kerry Mok, Chief Executive Officer, Food Solutions, SATS Ltd., “SATS is excited to partner SGH in this innovative dining model which allows us to constantly keep our offerings fresh for our customers. Our culinary expertise, tiered kitchen capabilities, and data analytics enable a ‘live’ menu that is easily tailored to suit different palates at a moment’s notice. Diners will be spoilt for choice with everything at their fingertips.”

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