January 22 2021  |  Catering

Foodcase International takes over travel business of BestPartner Food Group

By Jane Hobson

Netherlands-based Foodcase International BV has announced this week that it has entered a strategic partnership with BestPartner Food for its airline business.

In the past year, the retail and foodservice customer base of BestPartner has grown substantially, leading to the decision that it will focus its sales on this market. The travel market, meanwhile, will be taken over by Foodcase International, specifically the sales and customer service for its extensive inflight portfolio.

The production and distribution of the products from BestPartner Food will maintain status quo, but from this point onward all sales activities for the travel industry of BestPartner Food will be integrated into Foodcase International.

Foodcase International BV provides inflight catering to more than 50 airlines. It has patrons spanning across North America, Europe and Asia.

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