December 23 2020  |  Catering

SATS unveils packaging solutions for inflight

By Rick Lundstrom

Paper and bamboo are two of the materials used in the new SATS tableware now flying on Singapore Airlines

SATS Ltd this week introduced a range of packaging which will form part of the new tableware that Singapore Airlines launched on short-haul flights earlier this month.

The new tableware is composed of a leak-proof box, a paper cup made of Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, a paper dessert box, and a three-in-one bamboo cutlery pack wrapped in paper.

“The leak-proof box enables better heat retention to allow food to stay good over a longer reheating time, improving the quality of meals served on these flights. It will also allow SIA to create greater menu excitement for economy class passengers with the addition of soupy dishes such as congee, laksa and beef goulash soup to the menu,” said a release from SATS.

The new tableware will also allow both companies to collectively reduce single-use plastics and improve waste management. The tray setup reduces the use of single-use plastics on meal trays by 80 percent by weight. On-site bio-digesters at SATS can cut down the volume of waste collected from the aircraft by 60 percent by converting it to refuse-derived fuel for use in incinerators.

“To serve soupy dishes on inflight meals, we need packaging that will provide excellent grease and moisture barrier properties, yet ensures the food stays good over a longer reheating time,” said Kerry Mok, CEO Food Solutions, SATS. “Developing packaging solutions that also reduce single-use plastics and improve waste management has to take into consideration various challenges unique to the preparation of aviation meals. These include changing service styles and using materials that are compatible with digesters. We are pleased to lend our culinary expertise and knowledge of food and packaging technology to collaborate with SIA to develop viable solutions that will provide travelers with a better travel experience.”

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