December 15 2020  |  Catering

ANA Catering NRT unit acquires EU HACCP certification

By Rick Lundstrom

ANA Catering Service which caters All Nippon Airways as well as a growing number of customer airlines, has obtained European Union HACCP certification at its Narita facility as an "export fishery food handling facility for the EU."

The designation was granted in March and first exports began leaving Narita December 1, delayed by the prolonged reduction in flights. The certification will allow the increase of manufacturing and export capacity of domestically produced in-flight foodstuffs departing from Europe.

EU HACCP defines EU hygiene standards from production to processing and distribution when exporting foodstuffs to the EU. EU HACCP is required by any company wanting to export products into Europe. It requires a lengthy series of stringent approvals and is part of EU legislation covering the production, processing and distribution of food for human consumption.

“The ultimate goal is to give ANA and other customers an ‘Even Truer Taste of Japan’ by making available in Europe authentic Japanese ingredients,” said a release from ANA Catering. “Furthermore, many fish species popular in Japanese cuisine cannot be caught in European waters, making it previously impossible to offer them on flights departing the continent. EU HACCP Certification now raises the bar by ensuring delicate dishes can be served as intended, with Japanese spices and ingredients, and passengers can savor dishes otherwise unavailable inside the EU.”

The menus (12 types) that have been certified are;

・Seaweed salt-grilled striped jack

・Salt-grilled striped jack with sesame

・Grilled striped jack with soy-based sauce

・Japanese sake-grilled striped jack

・Grilled striped jack with soy-based yuzu citron sauce

・Salt-grilled sea bream

・Grilled sea bream with soy-based yuzu citron sauce

・Salt-grilled sea bream with sesame

・Japanese sake-steamed sea bream

・Seaweed salt-grilled yellowtail

・Grilled yellowtail with soy-based yuzu citron sauce

・Simmered yellowtail soy-based sauce

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