November 17 2020  |  Catering

SWISS adds buy-on-board option on flights from ZRH

By Rick Lundstrom

SWISS International Air Lines will add new Economy Class inflight food and beverage concepts for its short- and medium-haul services from Zurich in spring 2021.

The new concept, which is already served on SWISS travelers from Geneva under the ‘SWISS Saveurs’ banner, will offer for purchase a range of snacks and drinks that put a accent on quality, freshness and a regional flavors. The existing SWISS Business inflight service concept will remain unchanged.

The new concept, which is already well established on flights from Geneva since 2018, is now to be adopted for short- and medium-haul services from SWISS’s Zurich hub from spring 2021, offering travelers a broad range of quality snacks and drinks that they can select according to their wishes and needs and can purchase on board.

“The new concept also enables SWISS to put an even stronger emphasis on sustainability, by using ecofriendly products and packagings and by aligning production more closely to demand to minimize waste food disposal,” said a release from the airline.

“Our guests today want to have a greater say in their individual travel experience,” explains SWISS Chief Commercial Officer Tamur Goudarzi Pour. “And that expectation is no longer always met through our present inflight food and beverage product. In Geneva, we already offer our customers the opportunity to select their preferred snacks and drinks themselves under our ‘SWISS Saveurs’ program. We’ve been getting very good feedback on this quality product from the guests concerned. So we’ve decided to extend the program to our flights from Zurich, too.”

SWISS will continue to provide passengers with a complimentary bottle of water and its popular SWISS chocolate tablets. The present free standard snack will no longer be served.

SWISS will be presenting its partner for the new concept and its full product range over the next few months. SWISS’s short- and medium-haul Business Class service concept will remain unchanged.

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